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About Us

About Us

Aschinger Electric’s growth and strength over four generations has been built on strong relationships: those include relationships with customers, with designers and contractors and with vendors.

Building those relationships, maintaining them and growing them requires ongoing and constant commitment. We are always committed to listening, to exploring new technologies and techniques, to communicating clearly and to delivering what we say we are going to do. This commitment has paid off in relationships that have lasted decades and generations.

Today, our commitments include a focus on energy efficiency, safety, and the implementation of new technologies. As electrical technology evolves and our clients and business associates develop new needs, we will be expanding capabilities, always remaining focused on the needs of our customers.

We've always got something going on at Aschinger! From new exciting projects like installing the largest solar array in Missouri to the honor of receiving prestigious awards, we love to keep you posted on the latest news around here.

Lighting The Way

As one of the leading electrical contractors in Missouri, we have the opportunity to work on a wide variety of interesting projects. Big or small, we approach every project with the same commitment to excellence.

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