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Otto Aschinger founded O.F. Aschinger, Electrical Contractor in 1912, starting the business by selling appliances and installing the electrical service needed to power them. In 1939, Otto left for the shipyards of California, and his son, O. Francis Aschinger, founded Aschinger Electric Company in 1940. He grew his business and operated it until his death in 1978.


In 1978, his sons Eric, Jack and Keith Aschinger, along with their mother Zdena, took over the operation and ownership of the business. Eric, a P.E. in electrical engineering, succeeded his parents as President of Aschinger. Through the 1970’s until today, Aschinger grew as a commercial, industrial and institutional electrical contractor, concentrating on design/build construction and electrical service.


Aschinger Electric is now in its fourth generation of family ownership and leadership. Emily Martin serves as President of Aschinger Electric, and has expanded the company to provide alternative energy and NFPA-70E services. “Our goal is to create lifetime partnerships with our clients, by being a proactive contractor and service provider. We will continue to be a market leader, helping our clients operate their businesses efficiently and safely,” said Martin.


As the company continues to grow and evolve, change becomes a necessity. In many ways our changes and improvements keep our tradition alive. At Aschinger Electric, we embraced this change by diversifing our services, transitioning from offering mostly commercial services to heavy industrial, electrical preventative maintenance and lighting maintenance. Our clients help us tell the story: “Aschinger has made smart investments in personnel and expertise.” We are more than an electrical construction provider. By offering these varied services, we can help our clients anticipate future needs for their facilities. We are able to consult with our clients on their overall operational expenses to make the best decisions that will reduce maintenance and increase energy savings.