• I wanted to reach out to and let you know how much we appreciate Aschinger Electric and the employees that represent you. This last Sunday we had a pretty severe Arc Flash in our switchgear when we engierized a 100HP compressor. At that time I called Kevin Layton at 7:15 am in the morning and was asking for HELP. Within 1 hour Kevin was at our facility. He addressed the failure and made a plan for the repair. At that point our facility went back on line with no loss of production being a consideration for Monday. Kevin immediately ordered
    Dan Hanson, Facilities Maintenance Manager Aurora Technologies, Inc.
  • I wanted to pass on a "shout out" from P&G to Jim and crew. On Monday, during the lockout for shut down of line 54, your team realized that a phase monitor still had power. Your team, took action, closed the panel, ensured that all employees were out of the panels, and made the right notifications. Your crew's diligence in this matter is what keeps everyone and not just your employees but all workers in the area safe every day! Thank you to the whole team that is working this project and continue to focus on Safety First! Again, thank
    Dena Mouser, Project Safety Assistant Turner Construction Company
  • "Aschinger delivered a beautifully designed and installed process control network.... A truly professional installation leveraging 21st century technology that will reliably support our automation efforts for the next 20 years."
    Edward Paluch, Automation Manager Lhoist North America
  • "Over my career I have had the pleasure of working with a handful of craft workers who possess a truly advanced set of talents and knowledge, and I would certainly put Jeff in this category. We all rely heavily on our key field supervisors like Jeff and I think sometimes take their superior performance for granted. That is why I wanted to take the time to make you and your organization aware of the valuable asset that Jeff is to Aschinger Electric."
    David C. Lowell, Sr. Project Manager Kozeny Wagner Inc.
  • "Last week when I was on site I had a chance to talk with two of your electricians, Denny and Rich Butteiger. I was talking to them about the project and specifically the work they were doing (which was awesome). It was great to hear them talk with passion and pride about their work. We also talked about safety and that they saw being safe as much a part of their work as the work itself. Again, we appreciate the safety attitude and quality of work that Aschinger puts in place every day."
    Charles Smith Pepper Construction Company
  • "I just received a phone call from Brian Sword at Gander Mountain to tell me how happy he is with the Fenton install. Please let Aschinger know that we appreciate their efforts. Nothing better than getting this type of call, especially with the eyes on this one. This is a team effort from design, engineering and implementation to make this happen."
    Nathan Hanover Master Technology Group
  • “Our project was never typical, could become unsafe at any time, was always sensitive to production and yet from the beginning your team has always looked after our best interest. Mike House and Scott Strumpler did an exceptional job!”
    J.B. Marine Service, Inc.
  • “We were quite pleased with Aschinger. Our previous infrascan company wasn’t nearly as thorough.”
    Paul Welle, Dept. of Facilities Engineering BJC Healthcare
  • “Our diagrams were a hodgepodge of pieces. Aschinger looked at our building and gave us a complete set of one line diagrams. Before, when we had an issue we could grab the pieces but we weren’t even sure if they were right. Another good thing was their analysis and maintenance recommendations.”
    Rick Moravec Mercy Hospital Jefferson
  • “When Aschinger showed us the dollars and cents it was a no brainer. We went from 25-year-old fixtures to state of the art, and saved money in the process."
    Jeff Murphy Drilling Service Company
  • “Shelli and Greg and Fred and everyone at Aschinger provide great service to TLC, and we appreciate it very much.”
    Thomas Lee Consulting, LLC
  • “We’re writing to commend the quality of service provided to Union Avenue Christian Church by two members of your organization. Frank Laks and Adrian Ellis worked together to solve an exterior lighting dilemma that has plagued our facility for many years…(they) took great care of our century-old building, providing a solution that was implemented with professionalism and attention to detail.”
    Union Avenue Christian Church
  • “We just wanted to express our sincere thanks to Aschinger Electric for the outstanding service we received from the electricians and employees of your company.”
    John and Susan Meeks
  • “Your electricians met every challenge and no one could have asked any one of them to do more...The quality and workmanship is excellent and we have a safe temporary service.”
    St. Louis County Public Works
  • “The experience with Aschinger Electric has been a pleasure with positive results.”
    Draper and Kramer, Incorporated
  • “I would like to offer my sincere thanks and appreciation to Aschinger for a great job. Everyone involved was knowledgeable and professional. This was a monumental achievement for both Duke and Aschinger and we should be proud of the results.”
    Duke Realty Corp
  • “We truly appreciate your efforts in all aspects of the construction process, and hope that we will soon be working together again on another project.”
    Sondra Terry, Project Engineer Tarlton
  • “Thank you for sending Monte to work on our 5th grade classroom. We appreciate his ingenuity and good sense of humor while he worked at providing safer electric solutions...”
    Odetta Fields, Principal The Freedom School
  • "Your foreman was irreplaceable in assisting us prepare for the event in the week preceding it, as well as helpful in setting up generators and other electrical equipment the morning of the event. He worked closely with our own staff electricians, and ensured that the event electricity was provided as safe and aesthetically pleasing as possible."
    Matthew Green Grove Community Improvement District
  • "Monte took the time to fully explain the current situation to me so I could pass along the details to Ameren. He was extremely patient as I took notes...Monte was so helpful and friendly & I just want to let you all know!"
    Kristina Voegtli, Property Administrator DTZ
  • "Aschinger Electric completed the installation of the pole light on the John Carrol Parking Lot for the Mural painting on the exterior wall of McGannon Hall. It looks great, Aschinger Electric did a wonderful job."
    Terron J. White, Project Manager – Design & Construction Saint Louis University
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