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Barnes-Jewish Hospital

In 2013 BJC Healthcare was in the very early stages of a $1 billion upgrade and expansion to its Barnes-Jewish medical complex. Infrared analysis and recommendations by Aschinger have paid an unexpected bonus in helping the hospital plan for the future, Paul Welle electrical supervisor, Department of Facilities Engineering for Barnes-Jewish, said.

Welle engaged Aschinger – a certified a TEGG® guaranteed testing and inspection provider – to assess the safety and reliability of the hospital’s equipment and systems. Currently Paul Welle is in the midst of what BJC refers to as a “decanting” process of moving personnel and services into other facilities to make way for major demolition and expansion of the hospital complex.

“We were quite pleased with Aschinger,” he said. “Our previous infrascan company wasn’t nearly as thorough.” The previous company quoted BJC a lower rate for their work, but Welle was much more pleased with the value he received from Aschinger.

“Aschinger not only took a photograph and said, ‘This is a hot spot’: They gave us amp ratings, criticality ratings, and most important they were very thorough in getting all the equipment, which was a big boon to us.” Aschinger’s team spent a month meticulously recording the electrical equipment at Barnes-Jewish and producing its report.

“They cataloged well over 1,000 pieces of equipment. This helped us out a lot because we were able to use it as the basis of an equipment review,” Welle said.