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Electrical System Reliability

Electrical System Reliability

Because we are an engineering-driven electrical contractor, we have the capability to identify issues impacting your operation – from safety concerns such as arc flash, to energy efficiency, surge suppression, power quality and asset life issues.

Our technicians are trained in proactive analysis of electrical systems using infrared and ultrasonic diagnostics. We are recognized by our customers for the thoroughness with which we inventory equipment and document system issues, and prioritize maintenance items. Our team members are trained in proactive analysis of electrical systems.

We are recognized by our customers for the thoroughness with which we inventory equipment and document system issues, and prioritize maintenance items. Our reports are extremely detailed and very clear.

Aschinger is a selected contractor of TEGG – an international alliance of electrical contractors protecting commercial and industrial facilities from electrical system failures and resulting business interruptions and property damage.

Customized Preventative Maintenance Programs

We partner with our clients through the process of building a customized Electrical Preventive Maintenance Program.

With a fluent understanding of NFPA 70E, NFPA70B, NETA and IEEE our programs are designed to minimize the risk of electrical problems that cause internal and electrical outages and result in loss of productivity.

Energized maintenance allows customers to safely get a diagnostic evaluation of their electrical distribution system without the need of a scheduled shutdown or interruption of production.

Our service specialists are part of a continued education program trained from our longtime partners at TEGG. Preventative maintenance agreements substantially reduce the risk of an electrical safety hazard and/or fire. We can identify potential power quality concerns to minimize the risk of disruption or damage to microelectronics business and production equipment. Our TEGG Services conform to the manufacturers' specifications for ongoing maintenance to extend the life of the electrical distribution system components.

Our services include: True RMS Voltage and Current Testing, Voltage Drop Testing, Infrared Testing, Ultrasonic Testing, Harmonics Testing of Voltage and Current, Power Factor Testing, Crest Factor Testing, Visual and Mechanical Inspections and Phase-Balance Testing.

Comprehensive NFPA 70E Compliance

Our service specialists guide your facility through a turnkey solution to help you become fully NFPA 70E compliant and follow up with you to maintain this compliance. Our team of technicians review and help support an updated NFPA 70E safety plan, as well as offer NFPA 70E safety training for your employees.

Here are our additional services:

  • Generate and update single line drawings
  • Perform an Arc Flash risk assessment and apply the labels
  • Help identify who is a qualified worker and who should be issued PPE
  • Perform predictive and preventative maintenance programs as well as Arc Flash mitigation to reduce potential risk